FitsAir AirFreight

We have flourished FitsAir AirFreight to bring immediacy, dependability and tutelage non-hazardous general freight (GCR). This facility delivers perfect amalgamation of cost, fast delivery and worldwide coverage.

FitsAir Pharma

FitsAir Pharma is our solution for temperature sensitive cargo. Depending on the transit point, we arrange cold storage with our airside warehouse partners.

FitsAir Charter

With our persistent dedicated charter team, our expertise can quickly plan the right capacity, the most methodical routing and well competent ground handling to assist with your freight’s transit demand

FitsAir Courier (COU)

Created for the transport of documents and packages, utilizing offline/online segment, we ensure to deliver the safest movement and well adhered to all standards worldwide.

FitsAir Fresh (PER)

Perishables/fresh produce require scrupulous attention in transit. Change in altitude, plethoral thermal/damp atmosphere and substandard handling can disparage taste and the authentic nature of goods. With FitsAir Fresh, we amalgamate the perfect mechanism of cost and preservation that corroborates freshness is never disparaged

FitsAir Hazardous Carriage (DG)

At FitsAir Cargo, we constantly ensure robust handling of hazardous goods under IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. Safety is our utmost priority and will not be compromised under any circumstance.

FitsAir GSAs: We manage over 3 Million kilos and represent several leading airline principals in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong