About Us

Fits Cargo operates as a hybrid physical and virtual cargo carrier, offering efficient and seamless cargo transportation solutions globally.

A premier IATA-designated airline identified by the two-letter code 8D and the prefix 319.

An active member of the IATA Clearing House (ICH) & the Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreement (MITA) we ensure seamless connectivity between destinations.

We specialize in global transshipment cargo services.

Through strategic interline agreements with over 160 airlines and trucking companies, we consolidate cargo transportation from various origins providing seamless connectivity to any destination worldwide.

With our MAWB (prefix 319) and extensive partnerships, we offer reliable and efficient cargo transportation services globally, ensuring smooth operations and optimal delivery solutions.

We are a proud member of FITS Aviation, a regional airline that goes beyond conventional aviation services. FITS Aviation’s interests span across supplementary services, including Training, Engineering, Airside Warehousing, and Passenger GSA’s. 

Fits Cargo is a valued part of Aberdeen Holdings Pvt Ltd, a privately held investment vehicle specializing in portfolio management. This association underscores our commitment to stability, growth, and innovation. With the backing of Aberdeen Holdings, we are positioned to continuously evolve and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the aviation industry.

Our Solutions

At Fits Cargo, we pride ourselves on offering tailored air cargo solutions across three essential verticals:

  • Capacity Network Management through a Single Airway Bill Product
    We understand that efficient cargo management is vital for your business. With our innovative approach, we offer a single Airway Bill product that seamlessly integrates capacity network management. This means your cargo operations benefit from streamlined processes, resulting in reduced complexities and optimized utilization of cargo space.


  • Cargo GSA’s
    Our dedication to excellence extends to our Cargo General Sales Agents (GSAs) division. We possess a distinct capability that sets us apart – the ability to represent airlines as their Cargo GSA in the region. This unique division specializes in providing comprehensive airline representation services, enabling carriers to expand their reach and optimize cargo operations. Leveraging our expertise in cargo movement and our proficiency in airline representation, we ensure efficient cargo transportation and effective market penetration for our partner airlines.


  • Air Cargo Charters
    Sometimes, standard solutions don’t suffice for extraordinary cargo needs. That’s where our Air Cargo Charters step in. Offering bespoke charter services, we cater to specialized cargo requirements that demand personalized attention. Whether it’s oversized shipments, time-sensitive deliveries, or unique cargo, our charter services provide the flexibility and efficiency your cargo deserves.

Our Strength

  • Ability to Secure Block Space Agreements with Partner Airlines:
    Our commitment to providing exceptional services extends to our ability to secure Block Space Agreements (BSAs) with partner airlines. These agreements allow us to guarantee a certain amount of cargo space on specific flights, ensuring timely and reliable transportation for your goods. By collaborating closely with our partner airlines, we can optimize capacity utilization and offer you the peace of mind that your cargo will be accommodated even during peak seasons.

  • Access to Multiple Airline Options on a Single Fits Air 319 Prefix:
    When you choose Fits Cargo, you’re not limited to a single airline option. We have established connections with a network of reputable partner airlines, ensuring the entire journey is under our Fits Cargo 319 Airwaybill. This means you gain access to a variety of carrier options, allowing you to select the one that best aligns with your cargo’s specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that your shipments are transported efficiently while catering to your preferences.

  • Extensive Coverage of Origins and Destinations:
    Our extensive coverage spans a wide range of origins and destinations, making it possible to connect your cargo globally. From bustling urban hubs to remote locations, we’ve meticulously crafted our network to encompass a diverse array of locations. No matter where your cargo originates from or final destination is, our extensive reach ensures that your shipments can easily reach even the most challenging destinations.

  • Master AWB Registered in India, USA, and Multiple Chinese Airports:
    We take pride in our comprehensive coverage, with our 319 Master Air Waybill (MAWB) registered across prominent locations. Whether it’s the Tier 1 cities of India, major airports in the USA, or numerous strategic points in China, our registered MAWB ensures seamless handling and efficient movement of your cargo. This widespread registration underscores our dedication to facilitating international trade by meeting regulatory standards across key global regions.

  • Compliant with Canada Border Services Agency’s Advanced Commercial Info Requirements:
    Navigating international borders can be complex, but with Fits Cargo, you can rest assured that we’re in sync with the latest regulatory requirements. Our operations are fully compliant with the Canada Border Services Agency’s advanced commercial information requirements. This means your shipments destined for Canada can smoothly navigate customs procedures, ensuring swift clearance and minimized delays. Our commitment to compliance guarantees that your cargo will meet all necessary criteria, allowing you to confidently expand your market reach to Canada.

Our Presence

With a truly global presence, we extend our reach across key strategic locations. Our direct office staff is stationed in prominent countries such as Sri Lanka, India, UAE, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Maldives, and Singapore. This extensive footprint allows us to cater to your cargo needs with localized expertise.

Strategic Offices

  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • UAE
  • Bangladesh
  • Hong Kong
  • Maldives
  • Singapore

Exclusive GSA Partnerships

In addition to our direct offices, we’ve strategically established General Sales Agents (GSAs) on every continent. These partnerships amplify our accessibility and responsiveness, ensuring that your cargo benefits from the expertise of experienced professionals across the globe. From the Indian subcontinent to the heart of the Middle East, from the vibrant landscapes of Southeast Asia to the island paradises of the Maldives, we are your trusted partner in global cargo solutions. 

Our partnerships across Europe, Africa, North and South America, our network ensures that your cargo benefits from the expertise of experienced professionals worldwide. We are your trusted partner in global cargo solutions, dedicated to making your cargo journey seamless, efficient, and successful, regardless of where your business operates.Our widespread presence and unwavering commitment ensure that your cargo journey is seamless, efficient, and successful, no matter where in the world your business operates.

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