About US

  • Since commencing operations in 1997, FitsAir Cargo has been a pioneer in the air cargo industry. We an airline connecting cargo to and from every corner of the globe, serve the world for over 2 decades with our extended outreach.

  • Having progressed and made advancements over the years, FitsAir Cargo now caters to a broader clientele with a wide range of air freight solutions to choose from.
  • FitsAir is an IATA designated Airline with its own Airway Bill under the prefix 319, and is also a member of IATA Clearing House (ICH) & the Multilateral Interline Tariff Agreement (MITA) under IATA Code 8D-319.
  • FitsAir has Special Prorate agreements with over 50 prime carriers to carry our cargo under a single contract of carriage to IATA areas 2 & 3 from multiple origins

History and Background

FitsAir began operations in 1997 with a leased cargo aircraft flying from Sri Lanka to the Maldives Islands. In the same year, the company purchased its own 15 tonne cargo aircraft and added another aircraft of similar capacity in the year 2000. This brought our fleet to 3 aircraft within a year. Soon afterwards, FitsAir expanded its cargo operations to neighbouring India and across the Indian Ocean to Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2002, FitsAir was granted approval by the Civil Aviation Authority to conduct its own ground handling. We were the first private airline to do so. In June 2002, FitsAir expanded its operations from cargo to daily scheduled domestic passenger flights. For this purpose, we leased a 96 seater twin aisled aircraft, flying from the Colombo Airport, Ratmalana to the Palaly Airport, Jaffna.

After experiencing tremendous success in our domestic passenger operations, FitsAir invested in three 50 seater aircraft in 2003 and increased the daily frequency of flights to six. FitsAir also manages a portfolio of ancillary business lines across South Asia and the Middle East. These include cargo network management, ground handling and engineering services.


In addition to our offline airfreight services, FitsAir frequently operates the following aircraft on short haul flights regionally

Airbus A320-200 x1
ATR72 x1
Cessna 208 x2

Partner Carriers and Major Customers