Fits Cargo Air Freight is a reliable and efficient service for the transportation of non-hazardous general freight (GCR). Our service offers a balanced combination of affordability, fast delivery, and global coverage to ensure prompt and dependable delivery of your goods. With our worldwide network, we provide expert handling and support throughout the transportation process.

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As a TCM Service Provider for FitsAir, we offer comprehensive cargo solutions. With our extensive expertise and industry knowledge, we have consistently delivered exceptional cargo management solutions to meet diverse customer needs.

Our TCM services encompass seamless logistics, efficient handling, and reliable transportation, ensuring the smooth flow of goods and maximizing supply chain efficiency.


As a special branch, Fits Cargo serves as a General Sales Agent for Cargo (GSA) and represents multiple prime carriers, leveraging strong relationships built with local carriers and freight forwarders through offices in each station.

We manage over 3 million kilos per year and represent several leading airline principals in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong.

We hold the exclusive Cargo GSA role for Air Seychelles and Astral Aviation in Sri Lanka and act as a Sub GSA Cargo for Condor Airlines in the Maldives and Seychelles.


Our Wings On Board Courier is a trusted and authorized GSA for Wings OBC in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bangladesh. With a strong global network of onboard carriers, we specialize in delivering time-critical items swiftly and efficiently.

Our services cater to various industries, including Emergency Solutions, Healthcare, Marine, Tech, Fashion, AOG (Aircraft on Ground), Diplomatic, and VUN (Very Urgent and Necessary).

With our extensive network, we offer immediate or First Available Flight (FAF) options, ensuring that your urgent items are transported without delay.


We leverage our extensive interline network and collaborate with trusted partners to efficiently transport oversized cargo through our linehaul solutions. By connecting two freighters through a normal linehaul service, we ensure the smooth transportation of the cargo across our network.

Our comprehensive air cargo system optimizes global logistics operations, offering speed, reliability and real-time tracking.

With global coverage, we connect major cities and trade hubs across continents, providing flexibility and customization to meet unique customer requirements. Partnering with us unlocks opportunities to streamline supply chains, expand reach, and enhance competitiveness.

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