Our Services

Global Interline Grid

FitsAir Cargo is a pioneer in connecting the world supply chain, partnered with over 150 prime carriers and Road Feeder Services, operating in the skies and on ground into over 700 destinations including hard-to-reach corners around the globe.

Being an active member of the IATA Clearing House, FitsAir Cargo has multiple Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreements (MITA) concurrences with prominent carriers.

The entire process is well executed at FITS Central, our operations hub situated in Colombo Sri Lanka.

Strength of the FitsAir Air Waybill

FitsAir’s Master Air Waybill is registered with customs in India (Tier 1 cities), USA and China (Shanghai & Guangzhou) and has well satisfied the advanced commercial information requirements of the Canada Border Services Agency.

Scheduled Operations and Charter Projects

FitsAir Cargo currently operates on a schedule within the Indian Subcontinent and beyond.

Special Charter Projects are also undertaken to destinations in the Indian Subcontinent, East Asia and the Middle East within the frame of our growing fleet, thus bridging the extent between these regions.

Cargo Airline Management

As a special branch, FitsAir Cargo also represents multiple prime carriers as a General Sales Agent for Cargo (GSA) enabled by strong relationships built over the years with local carriers and freight forwarders by offices in each station.

GSA Services: We manage over 3 Million kilos per year and represent several leading airline principals in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong.

Third Party Charters

We excel in time-sensitive freight, odd sized shipments and all special cargo needs by providing cost-effective cargo charter solutions across our well established partner charter network.

Settlement and Billing

In addition to the IATA Clearing House participation, FitsAir Cargo is capable of billing and settling CASS active agents.

We also engage in local bank payments and collections in countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, India, the UAE and Sri Lanka